My Green Background

When bad things pave the way to good outcomes

With the Italian Institutions not generous with research, the future of young investigators has been always in jeopardy. During my first years as post-doc, I had to adopt an unusual strategy to survive.  I pursued dual interests in studies on antisense regulation of gene expression in mammal cells and genetic characterization of plant cultivars. I was in the Professor Cascino lab at Second University of Naples in the early 1990’s, which was a great place to be during the seminal years of molecular characterization of plant species. My boss got funds form several agencies for molecular typing of fig, chestnut and pear cultivars using procedure to contribute to protection of genuineness and peculiar characteristics of these agricultural products.  I had several post-doc fellowships to do this job. Fortunately, we saved money and time to carry out research on our primary interest.


In addition, these researches allowed me to grow as scientist and I received a good technical training that I have employed in all other fields.  Quoting my boss: “DNA is always the same in all the cells”.


For those interested, please look at my "green publications".



·      Galderisi, U., Cipollaro, M., Di Bernado, G., De Masi, L., Iacomino, G., Galano, G. & Cascino, A. (1998) Molecular Typing of Italian Sweet Chestnut Cultivars by Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA Analysis, J Hort Scien Biotech. 73, 259-263.


·       Galderisi, U., Cipollaro, M., Di Bernado, G., De Masi, L., Galano, G. & Cascino, A. (1999) Identification of hazelnut cultivars (Corylus avellana) by RAPD analysis, Plant Cell Report. 18, 652-655.


·       Galderisi, U., Cipollaro, M., Di Bernado, G., De Masi, L., Galano, G. & Cascino, A. (1999) Identification of the edible fig ‘Bianco del Cilento’ by Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA Analysis, HortScience. 34, 1263-1265.


·       G. Di Bernardo, U. Galderisi, M. Cipollaro & A. Cascino “Genetic traceability along the agrofood chain: the example of fig cultivar “Fico Bianco del Cilento” (2005). Biotechnology Progress 21(2): 546-9



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